Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Sabine Brüggemann

Specialist in Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery

Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Niels Brüggemann

Specialist in Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery

Esthetic & Plastic Surgery
Certified Implantologist (DGMKG)
Certified in Periodontics (DGMKG)

Karrenführerstraße 1 - 3
38100 Braunschweig

0531 219 306 80

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Welcome! Thanks for visiting our website. We are honored that you would like to be informed about our clinic.

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Your safety and trust are the first priority in our Clinic. We wish to take away the Treatment-Anxiety and our aim is to give you the best, the scientifically most up-to-date, detailed and impartial information and advice. We will make sure that you receive a relaxed and a friendly atmosphere in our clinic. Along with that, we offer professional and technically sound conditions and an intensive follow-up care.

Do let us know about your specific needs and wishes.

We are looking foreward to your visit!


Dr. Dr. Niels Brüggemann

After completing his studies in Medicine and Dental-Medicine in Marburg and Hannover
Specialization in Henriettenstift, Hannover

2007 Specialization in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
2008 Physician in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Henriettenstift, Hannover
2008 Certified Implantologist (DGMKG)
2009 Specialization in Plastic Surgery
2010 Established his own Clinic
Member of DGMKG

Dr. Dr. Sabine Brüggemann

After completing her studies in Medicine and Dental-Medicine in Marburg and Hannover
Specialization in the Clinical Hospital in Osnabrück and in Henriettenstift, Hannover

2006 Certification in Wrinkle-treatment with Botulinum Toxin (Charité Berlin)
2008 Specialization in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
2009 Employed as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in an OMS Clinic
2009 Certified Periodontal Surgeon
2010 Established her own Clinic
Member of DGMKG

Dr. Mareike Jeromin

After completing her studies in Dental-Medicine in Philipps University, Marburg
Further education as an Oral-Surgeon in Marburg and in Schiller University, Jena

2008 Recognized designation as a Specialist in Oral Surgery
2008 Erlangung der Bezeichnung "Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Implantologie"
2008 Employed as an Oral Surgeon in an OMS Clinic in Braunschweig
2016 Employed as an Oral Surgeon in our Clinic



The organization procedures and investigations in our clinic are paper-free with a digital X-Ray, digital photographic-documentation and digital clinical records. This makes the networking much faster and reliable. This Digitalization gives us the advantage of more time to treat and consult the patients.

Digitalized 3-D Planning Software

Our straightforward and outstanding digitalized 3-D Planning Software enables us to performing a specific Implant-Planning with every available Dicom data record and when required to execute and generate a Dental-Navigation Model by using a 3-D template Printing (without the requirement of an additional CT-Scan with an X-Ray template).

Digital- X-Ray machines with reduced Radiation Exposure

We have installed a Digitalized X-Ray Apparatus which allows a much lesser radiation-exposure as compared to the conventional X-Ray machines. It also gives us an excellent photo-quality to help us diagnose better.

Piezo Surgery

We are working with a Piezo Surgery machine from the Company ‘Mectron’. The advantage of Piezo Surgery is that instead of using dental drilling, we make use of Ultrasonic to perform operations. This helps in a better handling of bone tissues especially the delicate and sensitive soft tissue structures, for example nerves, mucosa that can be easily preserved.

QEP® - Certification

Our Clinic is awarded a highly established and a ‘Dekra-Certified’ Quality Management System. “QEP- Qualität und Entwicklung in Praxen” (Quality and Development in Clinics). QEP is the Quality Management System of the National Medical Association (KVB) and respects most importantly the patient needs. It is because of this system that our procedures are more safe and reliable and it gives us the benefit of more time for our patients and their treatment.



In major procedures, in the treatment children, handicapped and specially-abled patients and also in treating adults with ‘Treatment-Anxiety’, we have the option of treatment under general anesthesia within our clinic. We are working with a Team of specialist Anesthetists from the Ambulant OP-Center in Hildesheim.
Ambulant OP - Center (AOZ) Hildesheim

Radiology and Radiotherapy

We have a close collaboration with the Radiology-Clinic ‘Neuradia’ which is located in our building and works with a diverse and modern Imaging System and makes the Images promptly and straightforwardly available. According to the clinical requirement, there is also a possibility of 3-D Imaging done with help of modern machines and equipment, for example Computed Tomography (CT Scan), Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Also, Ultrasonography and Scintigraphy are made available.


The lost and extracted teeth can be easily and almost identically replaced with the help of Dental Implants. In some cases, dental implants are the only treatment option available when patients desire a Fixed Dentures and Prostheses. In other cases, dental implants help to improve the stability of removable denture and prostheses. This operation procedure is safe, reliable and has proven its reliability over the last decades. The treatment planning of the Implant-based Prosthesis is carried out here in our clinic with thorough discussions with the treating surgeon. The requirement for placement of successful dental implants is the availability of adequate amount of bone-structure. We evaluate every individual situation with the help of clinical and radiographic diagnostics. Hereby the operative (and also financial) effort-required and expenditure can be estimated.
Nowadays we have various procedures and techniques available for Bone Augmentation, if there is a lack of bone. In the most cases new technics help us to prevent Bone-removal from the pelvis(hip). While using the bone available from the jaw-ridge, the procedure is carried out by removal of the bone-transplant with our Piezo Surgery machine without drilling and with protection of the soft tissue structures. Also, the bone-ridge preparation for an implant can be done with the help of Piezo Surgery machine.
Today even difficult situations (for example very small bone-ridge, multiple missing teeth) can be analyzed with the help of Three-dimensional Imaging. The data record not only helps us to analyze the situation but also enables us to prepare an operation-model which accommodates a reliable ‘Virtual-Planning’ to help navigate a smooth surgery. A special feature is that our ‘Planning-software’ does not require a radiographic-model which in turn helps to avoid another DVT or CT Scan.
For your questions about Dental Implants we are happy to make a consultation appointment with you.

Periodontal Surgery

Parodontitis therapy: Periodontitis is a bacterial infection of the gums (Gingiva). Gums help to hold the teeth stably within the bone structure. This bacterial infection and inflammation leads to reduction and slow destruction of the jaw-bone (bone ridge) and can also lead to loosening and eventually loss of teeth. The goal of a periodontal therapy measure is to make and establish an infection-free tooth-apparatus, to stop the spread of the disease and to prevent tooth-loss. Along with that, modern therapies are now available that help in the regeneration of the lost soft and hard tissue structures.

Esthetic Plastic Surgery: There are many causes for the recession of gums which lead to esthetic impairment of the gums. This so-called Recession of gums can be covered up surgically with the help of small local plastic Flap-surgeries and also mucosal and connective tissue Transplants.

Oral-, Maxillo-facial surgery

The Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery serves as an interface between Human and Dental-medicine and deals with the knowledge, prevention and treatment of diseases, injuries, fractures and malformations of teeth, the oral cavity, the jaws and the face.
These include the following:

  • tooth-conservation treatment of the roots (Apicectomy)
  • extraction of the teeth that cannot be restored (for example decayed teeth, maligned teeth)
  • treatment of infections and cysts
  • oral-mucosal diseases and tumors
  • sinus surgery
  • salivary gland disorders
  • orthodontic surgery
  • surgery measure to increase to stability of dentures
  • management and treatment of Temporomandibular Joint disorders
  • management and treatment of different forms of facial pain
  • tooth restoration in children in general anesthesia

Esthetic and Plastic surgery

In our clinic, we provide Plastic-esthetic surgery. Along with the therapy of diseases such as removal of benign and malignant skin changes. Also, reconstruction surgeries such as- Scar-correction, Management of facial-malformations and malformations as a result of injuries. This deals especially with local Skin flaps. This procedure enables the esthetic reconstruction (for example after the removal of malignant tumors) and in most cases, can be carried out under local anesthesia such as Nose and Ear defect reconstruction.

The treatment of wrinkles on face is also a part of esthetic surgery. Alongside the pure surgical procedures, small methods (Botulinum Toxin, Hyaluronic acid) can provide astounding and beautiful effects. Hyperhydrosis Therapy (Therapy against extreme sweating) also comes along under esthetic and plastic surgery. This therapy is very versatile. We are happy to make an appointment with you to discuss the options regards treatment procedures and to clear out your questions.

Treatment procedure


On your first appointment at our clinic we counsel and advise you according to your medical history, clinical diagnoses and also radiographic diagnosis. Here we shall thoroughly discuss with you about the treatment methods, risks involved in the treatment and clarify all your doubts. Normally after this appointment we shall make an appointment with you for the operation. A timely placed appointment enables you to go through the information thoroughly. If you are referred to us as an emergency, then we must find time to treat you on the same day. We have prepared an informative Document for you with tips regarding how to take care and conduct yourself after an operation so that you have minimum post-operative discomfort. We shall give you this document on the day of your first visit in our clinic. If you have any special discomfort after an operation, you are naturally welcome to call us or even visit us. A regular checkup is a mandatory after your operation, to ensure a long-term success of the treatment therapy. These checkups can also be done by your dentist, who can always contact us whenever he needs to.

Your Medical History

We would like to be informed about your complete Medical history on the first day of your appointment in our clinic. We shall naturally be in touch with your dentist or your general physician if need be.

You should bring the following documents to us on your first appointment:

  • your Insurance Card
  • a Referral from your dentist or Physician
  • any current X-Rays and X-Ray Documents (if you have)
  • Marcumar (or any other Anticoagulant Medication), Allergy, Heart related documents
  • your Medication-list

Anxiety patients

We take your anxiety and fear issues seriously, please let us know freely if you have any anxiety problems. We shall calmly go through all the possibilities that we have, for example- Pre-medication, Sedation and general Anesthesia and also help you choose the right form of treatment procedure for you.

Forms of Anesthesia available

All of the surgical procedures are naturally carried out under local anesthesia. Additionally, we can offer various options like Pre-medication, Sedation or General Anesthesia.
Pre-medication is suitable for Patients with light Treatment-anxiety or for Patients who want to be a little relaxed during the operation.
Patients with severe Treatment-anxiety can be treated with the help of intravenous Sedation, in which the patient goes into a ‘Sleep-like’ state and helps patients become relaxed and free of anxiety. The patients assume that they are sleeping but can really respond and breath by themselves in Sedation.
Treatment of children, handicapped and specially-abled patients and also adults with very pronounced Treatment-anxiety and fear can be done under General Anesthesia with the help of our very efficient Team of Anesthetists.
Patients that have undergone surgical procedures in our clinic under any form of sedation are normally fit very soon after the treatment. We still recommend you to relax for a while in our recovery room.

Team work

Respected Colleagues,
We are very happy that you want to work with us together. You can completely trust us to provide your patients with the best possible planning, knowledge and a procedure that is in their best interests. To avoid any kind of misunderstandings, we give a lot of importance to keep you informed and also consult with you about the therapy procedures. We shall naturally inform you about every surgical treatment procedure carried out in our clinic and we shall refer your patient back to you after the procedure.

We are happy to work with you in a close network for the collective good of our patients.


We shall take over the wished surgical procedure for your Patients. This naturally also includes partial-steps during your procedures. We shall definitely advise you in case we have a different treatment procedure in mind, for example as regards to a specific finding on the X-ray.
In case of surgical rehabilitation in milk teeth, we reconstruct carious milk teeth with Composite fillings.
When treating Tumor disorders, we shall coordinate the follow-up care between the out-patient and in-patient accommodation.

You can easily request for our ‘Referral-Flyer’ through Email: info@mkg-bs.de or through telephone 0531 219 306 80.

Technique and Methods

Our clinic has a Digital X-ray machine from the company Sirona. The images are naturally available to you at all times. We work in a close association with a Radiology clinic which is also in our building which enables us to get the images timely. According to the requirement of the clinic diagnosis, various three- Dimensional techniques are also made available with the most modern machines, like Computed Tomography (CT), Digital Volume Tomography (DVT) and also Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasonography and Scintigraphy.

Bone-Block Augmentation and also lateral Sinus lift is made possible in our clinic with the help of a Piezo Surgery machine from the company Mectron which helps in a better handling of delicate and sensitive soft tissue structures, for example nerves, mucosa that can be easily preserved. Our straightforward and outstanding Digitalized 3-D Planning Software enables us to performing a specific Implant-Planning with every available Dicom of data record and when required to execute and generate a Dental-Navigation Model by using a 3-D Template Printing. (without the requirement of an additional CT-Scan with an X-Ray Model.


Our preferred Implant system is AstraTech EV and Straumann (Bonelevel/ pure ceramic). With these Systems, we are able to treat practically every situation with a very high quality and reliability. Do let us know if you have any other preferences. We naturally respect your preferences.

The Root canal preparation incase a retrograde Filling during Apicectomy is done with the help of our Piezo Surgery machine.


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Brüggemann | Brüggemann
Clinic of Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery

Karrenführerstraße 1 - 3
38100 Braunschweig

Telephone: 0531 219 306 80

Fax: 0531 219 306 81

E-Mail: info@mkg-bs.de



The Job-title Doctor and Dentist of Dr. med. Dr. med. dent Niels Brüggemann and Mrs. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Sabine Brüggemann were commissioned to them in Germany. Both of them are under the Code of Medical Ethics of the Medical Council, Niedersachsen and Code of Dental Ethics of the Dental Council of the Dental Council, Niedersachsen.
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